Friday, 1 May 2015

Bush Day 6

The sunrise was a warm orange but no where near as impactful as yesterday. After doing the dishes and a few other jobs that others said they would do but I was awake so I did then, I settled down with my book in time to see mom was awake so I made her coffee.

Just after making the coffee I realized we were under siege by monkeys! They were attacking from all angles. We fended them off and chased them away but in the process I woke Gareth and his wife up. Oops.

Since everyone was awake, mom and I started making breakfast and cleaning up so that we could go for a drive. After my morning exercise, fruit salad, showers etc us kids hit the road whilst mom held the fort - in case of further monkey invasions. Our drive took us to where we had seen the lions and leopard, then onto the bridge that goes over the river and then to the damns. Overall, it was a very quiet drive.

After the drive, we relaxed at home and tried to escape the heat. 35 degrees Celsius and no aircon is a tad warm! Even the elephants were feeling the heat since twice we had a herd come running down to the river.

Around 4pm we headed out on our evening drive. Drive was not overly exciting as there was little game around. Although one unit did see the lions up on the Madrid side. 

Ended up having an early night in preparation for an early morning drive.

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