Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bush Day 12

Just thinking back to yesterday's walk and what we learnt from the guide... Did you know that you can burn elephant dung - it will keep mozzies away. Also, if you boil it in water and then just drink the water it can help heal a multitude of ailments. 

Today was a busy admin day. I started my day by doing my usual: dishes. Seriously love doing them! (No sarcasm.) Yet at home it's a hated chore. After breakfast and core exercises, I did stock take of all tins and drinks and checked expiry dates. Sadly, by the end of it I smelled like a brewery from all the beer I had to open up and throw down the drain. I found it interesting how the one brand (one I personally don't like) when it expires, it nearly explodes when opening yet the other brand (that I like) doesn't. After that I sorted the Landie and then helped mom with a few things before we headed to camp to fill the Landie and wait for her friends to arrive.

Oh wait! Whilst we were doing house admin, the elephants came down. Was unusual for them to come down so soon but it was so nice to see them. 

Anyway.. So we sorted Landie and the admin mom needed to do at the office and fetched the gals. We spent the rest of the morning / afternoon relaxing on the deck.

At 4:30 we headed out for a short sunset drive. We went along the river road but had to turn around half way because the grumpy lumpy was near the road and we could hear him give the vehicle in front of us a good talking to! We ended up having subset drinks on the causeway and then did a very short drive on north before heading home. Fortunately no lumpy incidents today!

Wind has picked up again tonight and I suspect a change of weather is coming. Best part of the wind: no bats flying around!!

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