Monday, 26 December 2011


Today Diane and myself went on a training ride up to Krugersdorp. Our plan was to take it easy and relaxed, and so that is just what we did.

I had forgotten just how tough Doreen Street is, so I stupidly suggested that we head up that instead of going straight over on Christiaan de Wet. Silly silly me! It has also got a lot busier than I remember it being. Unfortunately it is now ön our radar" and the challenge is to be able to ride it comfortably before the tour.

We decided to pop up the remainder of Krugersdorp Hill to Key West for a quick bite to eat before heading back to Northgate. Seeing the Spur open, with outside tables, we pulled in there. Our waiter was a gent by the name of Gift and what a gift to his customers he is. Friendly, efficient and smiling the whole time. Even the manager was serving patrons and on being asked for a glass of water to fill our bottles, he brought us a jug instead as "it's easier to pour from a jug". Needless to say this will be a regular stop for us both during the lead-up to, as well as after, the tour.

Our return to Northgate was greatly assisted by the consumption of Biogen Carbogen Low GI. Having not had supper last night I was struggling a bit but a few sips had me going again each time.

We were met and "congratulated" on our safe ride back at Northgate by our friendly car guard, Eric, who maintains that we are "very fit"to have ridden "that far" :-) Have to admit that even short rides are made special by smiling and friendly admirers!

We used our sponsored i-gotU GPS's to record our ride and "WOW" is all I can say! Small enough to fit over my short stem, yet all the info I really care about at my fingertips. Speed, distance and elapsed time right there, max speed, inclination, etc, etc all just a few clicks of the up or down arrow away. This little beauty even fits on my skinny little wrist on its' wrist strap (and that says a lot about how compact it is). I'll "play" with some more of it's features next time.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

A little bit of exciting news...

The last little bit has been a bit manic for us tourers as the year draws to an end with work. Add to that, the 3 of us have been very busy with planning the April tour. With this, we have some pretty exciting news - some of which I am going to share now, other information which I will reveal soon.

We have been in contact with Mustek with regards our mobile connectivity whilst on the road and they have indicated an interest in helping with a netbook for the tour. Naturally, I will keep you all updated with the developments.

Got some news from De Denne Country Guesthouse this week. News from them is that they are hosting their first wedding on Saturday - the 3 of us wish them all the best for Saturday.

Now for some exciting news.... we have partnered with i-got-u GPS. We believe that these devices are 100% perfect for our needs (to give you a taste of the features: cycle computer, runners watch, pedometer; geotagging and more) we look forward to getting the devices next week and giving you plenty more information on these cool devices. From now on: any gps / route / adventure we speak about will be tracked by i-got-u. Thanks to the i-got-i team for this partnership.

We hope to have more exciting news in the next couple of weeks.