Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A trip down memory lane

I have been on a major mission to spring clean my home and with this, I have decided to do a display of my medals. Started racing in 2006 and have all my medals (missing 1 but will find it). As I sorted the medals, each brought back memories.

Race 1: I was dof! I entered a 50km mtb race at the voortrekker monument. This was nuts as a 1st race. I then did a few others including Dome to Dome mtb (think this was the last time they had it but it was a great ride!) I then entered the Argus. This meamt doing my 1st road ride and I picked the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. This was a sad day for me as I heard my gran had died whilst I was in the start pen. I raced that day just to get back to my family and since then each time I do this race, I think of Granny. Then came my 1st Argus which I will never forget as I raced to finish sub 5hr and came in 2min 2seconds before 5hrs. I bought a road bike after that race and did Wilro 100 on it. Discovered a need for chamois cream after that race...... Then came many other happy races, each with its own memories.

On Saturday I got another medal which is now up on the wall and it bears its own memories. On Sunday I will be going out to get the medal I should have gotten 4yrs ago when I got my 1 and only "did not finish". This medal will not go up on the wall, it will go in the lounge and remind me of 1 that makes all those medals seem like nothing: my little dog. It was 4yrs ago that I got him and I was so tired from his restless 1st night that, my race was wrecked. Got to 60km and quit. Bit who cares: I have an amazing little dog in my life. That said: this years race is for KD.

Many people dont like medals but I dont get it because they are amazing because of the memories they bring and how much they remind me of my amazing friends and family who are constantly behind all these crazy adventures.