Monday, 4 May 2015

Bush Day 9

Before I start the day... For those following the blog at the moment, I am sure you have noticed the delay in postings. The reason is that I type at night then post the following day when I have signal. Then the blog site sends the email out the following day. So apologies for delays! Visit the blog around lunchtime every day for the latest updates.

Today I woke up with Bertie Bat squeaking with the sunrise so I decided that since it was cold, I would get up. I did the dishes, made my pics smaller (for posting), tried posting but signal was terrible, then I did my next core workout before mom came in to make breakfast. Not long after, the other 2 emerged and we had breakfast and packed them up. 

I drove them to the office and got them off safely before heading home and helping mom get ready before friends from Olifants North arrived for a drive and lunch.

The drive this morning was way better than yesterday!! Plenty general game but the veld really does look bad. There is a shimmer of green but that is superficial. There is so little actual grass and the tall grass you see around is not the edible stuff. We are in for a very long winter. 

Mom had made a really yum chicken pasta salad along with rolls and a pea salad which is one of my favorites. 

After the visitors lefty we settled down to afternoon time - ie reading and sleeping time. I have so enjoyed my 20 to 30 minute naps!! They are so refreshing despite my not sleeping deeply that I wake up feeling great. After snooze time, mom did some sewing whilst I played games on my iPad. We had some impala, nyala and waterbuck visit the front of the house - shows how quiet just 2 people are!

Sunset came and we watched the moon rise and mom said I had to get some photos so I played with shots of the moon and then of the colours on the river bed before we settled down to a sunset drink. The bush just had sounds of bugs and the river with a bit of lion far away followed by the sound of a leopard a bit further down the river. 

Dinner was left overs followed by us laughing at how it was 7:30 and we were both ready for bed. An hour later we were locking up. I came and read and started typing this whilst downloading something to my phone. (I know... I should be on it less but wanted to listen to something.)

Just as I was typing up the last paragraph or 2, I was treated to roaring again. The lions are definitely closer and I am guessing that tonight they may pass in front of the house. I am hoping they roar from in front of the house - the sound of lions roaring close by is one of the most amazing sounds.

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