Friday, 8 May 2015

Bush Day 13

Cannot believe I have been here 13 days!! I have relaxed so much - I had forgotten what chilled feels like. 

I woke up nice and early - seriously wish I could sleep late but I do actually enjoy the quiet time. Anyway... There was no orange sunrise thanks to the clouds - the weather has turned and we have gone from super hot to cool, cloudy and windy.

Made myself some coffee and shortly there after, one of moms friends woke up so helped her sort coffee. Mom followed shortly after and we sat and relaxed in the lounge until the other friend woke. We then sorted breakfast, I did core exercises and we started the day.

Our drive took us past the office and a few dams but the game was very scarce.  We saw some elephant but fortunately very far away. Had some good vulture sightings (cape and bearded) which was nice!

The afternoon was spent having lunch, reading, playing tile rummy (yes, I am an addict) and snoozing.  

This evening we had a special sighting of a nyala bull drinking from the little pond at our entrance. This was followed by an evening spent around the fire in the lapa.

As I type this there are 2 hippo having a massive fight. Think we are in for an entertaining night with these 2.

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