Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maiden Loaded Voyage

With 1 month until I head to George, I decided I needed to feel what my bike feels like loaded. Its different. Its uber heavy to pick up but when you start cycling its hardly there. The biggest difference is on the downhills where you feel a tiny bit of the shimmies.

I ended up attaching my day packs using toe clip straps. The benefit of these is that they are strong and that I havent had to mod my packs. I then cross lashed my extra gear. Unsurprisingly, this is the easiest way to attach the stuff and is stable.

With the last few weeks before the tour, its now time to square away a project at work, get a sleeping mat (I want a self inflatable mat), and contemplate a returm flight. The other 2 will be booking their flights to George shortly so we are all on track.

Next Sunday we will be riding in the Cradle area so if you can, join us for the ride or brunch after. For details on the ride, follow us on twitter: @GSSTourers