Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bush Day 8

Got up early again and sorted a few things out in the kitchen (dishes, filtering water etc) whilst having coffee. When mom woke up I made her coffee and then we started making Sunday's lunch as well as breakfast for today. Breakfast has been pretty much the same thing: toast, fruit salad and yoghurt. But it's nice and simple and fairly healthy.

After the other 2 woke up and we had breakfast, I showered and then had some not so friendly words with the bank before we headed out to dump the rubbish and fill the landie before heading out on a short drive. 

The bush was insanely quiet and if it were not for a few Impala and a bit of other general game, we would have seen nothing - we are definitely in for a bad winter. 

At home, mom and I whipped up a quick lunch of tacos before everyone settled into their own after lunch routines and I headed out to the club house to try charge my one spotlight. Whilst waiting for the battery to charge, I seized the opportunity to look at some of my pics I have taken. There are some good ones!

Later in the arvie mom and I prepped a quick dinner of cheeses and biscuits and the 4 of us headed out on the last drive for the other 2. Once again, the veld was fairly dead and we eventually headed to a spot with a table where we could enjoy dinner. Half way through our meal, I heard the Impala that were down the hill run and I told the others and by brother said he also heard it. Well, this had my bro on the Landie pretty darn fast! And, dinner was ended quite quick as well. 

Driving down into the plain, we spotted something that looked like it could be a lion. Just as I was going to radio it in, we realized that it was an Impala! (Later on in our drive we found out that a hyaena was in the area we had been so that was what had likely spooked the impala.)

Night ended nice and early since the other 2 have a long day of driving back to Jozi in the morning.

I will post some pics in the next day or 2 to Facebook when I get a gap. 

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