Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bush Day 1

Day 1
Woke up nice and early and hit the road to the farm. In general the road was not hectic and with the exception for getting stuck behind a truck, progress was awesome. Even the potholes were not a deterrent! (Surprisingly there were way less than we expected.) We got to Hoedspruit on time and mom quickly popped in at the PicknPay for the odd bits she had forgotten. This was the last sight of civilization for a few days. 

Road to the farm is looking good and traveling was easy. Was really nice to see a strong anti-poaching presence on the way in.  After getting the Landie, we headed to the house where Louis the game guard was waiting to help us unpack (small extra fee but well worth it as it made the process way faster). We settled in, had a drink and started the relaxing process to the sounds of the hippo in front of the house.

In the late arvie, we went for a short drive. On our way we heard a radio call for something at Sable Dam, I handed the radio to mom and she instinctively put it in the pouch in front of her - not realizing it was full of water! Radio dead. So we missed out on the fact that there were lions. We cruised around watching plenty general game (Impala, zebra, warthogs etc) and looking at happiness at how green the veld is still looking. After a drink at Hide Dam we slowly headed home. As we were driving, we smelt the distinct smell of rotting meat. Mom started saying something and half way through the word "leopard", one appeared in my headlights!! This big guy gave us a brilliant show for 30mins as he walked along the road with his tail flicking and then eventually ducking down to watch some nearby Impala. He eventually ducked into thick bush and we lost sight of him. 

After that sight, we drove the last few hundred meters home, had dinner and hit the hay. Day 1 was long but really successful and sleep was definitely welcome.

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