Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bush day 3

Woke up early and watched the light grow until it was light enough for a run. Running up and down the driveway was not as bad as I had thought it would be but it was somewhat tiring and I managed a good 5.5km in 30mins.

After all exercise was done and everyone else was awake (I did not wake them), I helped make breakfast before we headed out.

The drive was quiet and almost somber as we saw how thin the animals were. At the main camp they told us how little rain we had had and how bad it really was - we are definitely in for a long winter!! The drive was pleasant with general game but nothing overly exciting was seen.

Lunch was a yummy meal of burgers and was followed by chill time where some slept and others read. This evening we opted to not go for a drive and instead we relaxed at home and got ready for a braai. I made a potbrood with Camembert cheese and mom made sweet potato, boerewors and chops with a salad. Fortunately for us, we finished our cooking just in time before the rains came down and a storm hit. Both the and and the rains that lasted on and off during the night were welcome. 

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