Thursday, 26 February 2015

Getting Savvy

My job is highly stressful yet fun so I tend to spend too much time working or thinking about work. It's the price I pay for my path in life. As a result of my friends and family saying I need to take a break, I have started attending the "Savvy Sisters" events. 

These are ladies only wine tasting events that happen monthly. Last month we were honored to have tasted some amazing wines that included a personal favorite (Tera del Capo). This month the Savvy ladies hosted yet another premier event at Giles Pub in Craighall. But there was a twist... Tonight we had wine and olive oil to taste!

Considering I know what good olive oil tastes like in cooking, I thought I knew what to expect but I was no where near to what it was really like. We were treated to 5 different variations from Morgenster which included a balsamic vinegar which was amazing!!

Then came the Morgenster wines... Oh my hat!! They have recently released a Sangiovese which is quite yum.

The evening was an evening spent with good friends learning about wine and olive oil and eating a great meal (and let's not get into the amazing dessert). 

I am officially a Savvy Sister junky and although the next one is out of my way, I may just have to go so I can continue my learning curve.

Tomorrow I will post about what's been happening at work and include a few cool pics I took at work today. But until then... Stay save and enjoy the finer things in life!!

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