Monday, 27 April 2015

Bush day 2

Day 2

Woke up early and watched the sun slowly rise over the horizon as I read my book. At 6:30, I got up, made coffee and then did my core exercises. After a killer core session (yes, I am determined to do exercise whilst here), I had another cofee and chilled.

At 7:45 mom woke and we had breakfast and then went for a drive before fetching my brother and his wife who had left Joburg that day. 

At home we relaxed, had lunch and relaxed some more before heading out for a drive which started with the river loop where we spotted a lone elephant on the other side of the river. Whilst we were near Wild Dog Pan we heard that there were leopards lazing at a dam not too far away so we sped off and saw them. Seriously lazy leopard and an ok sighting (no where near the good sighting from the night before). We then meandered along to Dad's tree where we had a subset drink before heading on. Unfortunately the rain closed in and we had to head in the direction of home. Whilst driving we decided to try for a covered dinner spot we knew, but on approach I saw a light and the idea was abandoned. But then as we drove around the other side, the light was gone and the family told me I must have seen a star so we went around again and up to the spot. Surprise surprise! There was a vehicle there so we had to drive on. Dinner idea was changed to the air field but as we drove up, the rain started coming down and we opted for a picnic on the deck.

The drive home was uneventful with the exception of seeing a civit. Today was definitely a quieter day for game but also a day with less bugs.

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