Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bush Day 3

Usual start to the day with coffee and my book followed by my making a fruit salad breakfast. Whilst getting ready, we spotted a K9 anti-poaching patrol go past. This dog was amazing with her off lead walking. She was glued to her handler's side and only broke off when she noticed me opening a window to look at her, but she was back at his side seconds after! 

Once we got moving, we took a slow drive to see the burnt house. It's insane to see the power of fire! 

The morning drive had the usual general game and one of my ultimate sightings: hyaena! Was really nice to see even if it was super lazy at a dam!

Lunch was a yummy braai made by my bro and sister in law which was followed by me finishing my book. The book Ralf is a brilliant account of the work of a therapy dog in hospitals and is well worth the read!!!

The evening drive was nice for me as I got to sit on the back whilst Gareth did the driving. We were fortunate to see a rhino and then the hyaena again. The hyaena was pretty cool in that we got to watch as 2 zebra tried to come drink but we're super nervous!! Was funny watching them flick their ears back, stomp and sniff the air. The one was way more calm than the other but both clearly and rightfully nervous of the predator. 

No sign of elephant (although others saw them) nor leopard but we have time! Weather was cool but not cold and a bit windy.

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