Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December bush trip - days 3 to 6 and pics

Sorry it's a bit delayed but I had to go through my pics...

Bush day 3

This morning I did my usual routine of doing dishes and waking slowly. Slowly the others woke up and the kids found themselves in the lounge investigating the presents by he tree. They tried to guess each and every gift. I told them them that everything was chocolates and that if they kept looking at the presents, the monkeys will take them!

After a slow start to the day we headed off to the pool area - considering the forecasted temperatures, it was the perfect day to relax by the pool!! I was unable to find my costume when I packed my clothes in Jozi so I dressed in comfy running clothes which I knew I could swim in. The day was spent swimming and relaxing around the pool area with a braai for lunch.

At around 4pm we went for a drive. I cannot explain the heat!! It was around 42 degrees Celsius so everytime you stopped you nearly melted. At first we did not see much but then we started seeing plenty elephant, impala, kudu, jackal, warthogs, giraffe, wildebeest and zebra! At one dam we sat and watched some elephant drink then watched as a small warthog family wallowed in the water. Was cute to see. We then ambled home and were fortunate to see the lion again! Was a great to see them so clearly. 

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the deck and the kiddies finally got to open their presents!!

Bush day 4

We had a nice, slow start to the day today. Reading, playing games with the kids and just chilling. We then prepared the annual feast. Lamb, gammon, salads and more!!! We totally stuffed ourselves full of yummy foodies. My cousin, his wife and kids headed off to the pool whilst the rest of us attempted an afternoon nap. I was so restless!! It was so hot that I felt like I was swimming in sweat.

My cousin etc came across lions on their way back so as soon as they arrived we packed up and went for a drive to see the lions and hopefully try find a leopard. The lions were awesome to see and we had a good sighting of them just lazing around. We then ambled towards the bridge where we had hoped to have a drink. Haha, good joke! An elephant was in the way so we headed home where we had a chilled evening.

As we were heading off to bed, my cousin and I had to get the plastic snake out of he freezer when we realized the gas had run out so at just after 11pm here we were with torches trying to get gas bottles switched and fridges and freezers on again. Fortunately, other than my cousin's wife being pranked with a cold plastic snake in her bed, the evening was uneventful.

Bush day 5

Today was awesome!! It started with coffee and washing dishes (of course) and then the kiddies slowly woke up and I had to play with them as promised - although I would have killed to go read. Once everyone was awake and fed, we headed off to do a drive on Olifants North. North is pretty but you don't see much and it's exhausting driving because it's up and down and is rocky. We did see a fair bit of Impala, giraffe and also a few elephant. The first elephant we passed were opposite our house and we had to turn and go the other way. We had seen them chase cars the day before so knew they were not happy elephant!! We then headed to a dam where we found elephant and tried taking the road next to the one but he got a bit too curious about us and we could not go that way. So long way around we went...

Lunch was a nice simple meal of cold meat. I then opted to rather snooze and read instead of go swim. Was actually nice to spend an afternoon glued to my book for a change. Ok, and watching elephant and hippo at the river.

My cousin them told us that on their way home an elephant had charged them. It's not so entertaining getting so many elephant charging at us. 

The evening was spent relaxing on the deck chatting and enjoying a great meal. As much as I miss my furkids, I think I needed this trip. Lots of laughs and relaxing. 

Bush day 6 - the long road home and some reflection...

I got up as per usual but instead of doing dishes, I reached for the book I am reading whilst having my coffee - Mom had said I must not do dishes, she would do them. I sat and enjoyed the sights and sounds of a glorious bush morning whilst the others slowly stirred.

Once everyone was up and about, I got ready to leave. Because my cousin wanted to leave later than me, I was taking the landie which Mom would collect later. Once packed and ready I said my farewells and hit the road. As I drove towards main camp, I reflected on the year, on this trip and on my adventuring. Something I realized that this was one of the few trips I had done solo and that it was quite awesome. It showed me that I do not need others to do adventures with (although this was great in that the adventure was to another adventure) but that company was always good if around. The new year is going to be very different as I have so much I want to do and of course, my big ride. One thing I have learnt over all these years is: do not let anything hold you back from your dreams. If you want to do something, make it happen!

Anyway, all good things come to an end but fortunately for me, this trip ended on a bonus note: as I was approaching the first exit gate, I came across a herd of buffalo crossing the road. I spent ages watching them as it was a final awesome treat.

Hopefully my Saturday plans will turn into an adventure. Until then... Adventure safe.

Chilled elephant 

Lazy lioness (one of the 2 that we refer to as Dumb and Dumber). It was so hot that even they were struggling!

One of the Dumb and Dumber clan heading off.

The other member of Dumb and Dumber looking very skinny!

Full moon

Lots of baby Impala around!!

Also plenty baby baboons!!

Dumb and Dumber clearly managed to hunt! Both were happy to chill at the dam whilst cars came and went.

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