Wednesday, 16 December 2015

More adventures and lessons learned

Even though it's just a few days after our last posting, we have been busy adventurers.

Yesterday I entered my next big personal adventure. In end June 2016 I will be doing a race called "Ride the Berg". I am nervous because I have not done a big race since Liege. But, it's a great chance to get fit again. I am looking forward to a great and fun adventure. So watch this space for how I get fit.

My goal this time is to have a bit more balance though. Which brings me to the next part of my adventure. The dogs and I have been on a major mission to get fit and today we explored Saint Stithians. Have been there before but this was the first time in years!! And it was as good a walk as ever. It's such a nice, varied walk that includes brilliant bird life, varied terrain and a good workout. The walks thus far have really been good bonding sessions and remind me that a good walk is awesome for dogs. Their brains work with every new scent and step. My dogs are so tired but so happy at night. The pups and I have a stronger bond than ever.

This week I have also gotten back to my studies and I am reading up on crate training. It's interesting to read because until a few months ago, I thought crates were cruel. I got a Cosmic Pets playpen a while back and although it did not suit the purpose I wanted it for, it's turned out to be the best piece of furniture ever!!! It not only contains the exploding pillows but is also a sanctuary for the dogs. When there are storms, they go there, when they want to nap, they go there, when they have a prized possession, they go there. It is their sanctuary and where Hayley sleeps most nights. I have hardly ever sat in it because I believe it's their safe spot. What is cool though is that recently a neighbor visited with her kid and the kid climbed in the pen with the dogs. I was nervous because of the sanctity of the pen but: the dogs loved her playing with them in the pen. 

Crating is good for dogs. It gives them a safe spot. Simple as that. I know I have a lot to learn still about crating but this is my simple view. If you have a pup or an older dog, look at training your dog to enjoy a crate.

Another adventure / learning thing we are going to do is film what it looks like from a dogs perspective. Here is a link to what we have previously filmed:

I believe this will help me understand what the dogs are reading and seeing and where I am going wrong as a human.

Hayley update: she is healing well. Still struggling emotionally but physically she is doing way better!! Her socializing recovery is going to be tough but she is tough. 

The weekend has a few more adventures planned so watch this space!

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