Sunday, 3 January 2016

Scenting and Cycling Adventures

Yikes! This was quite the weekend of activity for the 3 of us adventurers.

It started off with an early trip to Midrand for the 3 of us. We piled our leads and treats into the car and were at Manderston Canine Academy by 6:30am. The lady meeting us was running a bit late but by 6:45 we were following her to a random destination where the dogs were going to try a bit of scenting not / tracking work out.

Once the other students were sorted, I was taught how to lay a basic trail using treats. I crushed a bit by a pole that had been placed in the ground then rubbed some under my shoe. I then had to walk to a certain point and drop pieces of treats along the way and at he designated spot, I placed a few treats and then walked in a wide arc back to the trainer who had my dogs. The next bit was all up to Hayley! I have her the "track" command, showed her where the initial scent was and then let her nose do the rest! It was amazing to watch as her nose went down to the ground and except for a few distractions, she followed the scent to the main stash of treats perfectly!! Then came K's turn... He was super distracted on the way out and we were then told to do the track in reverse. He tracked really well and managed to gobble up all the treats that Hayley had ignored!! Considering it was the first time either had done any tracking, I was highly impressed with both of them. I definitely think this is more Hayley's thing though. K has his agility so has his own thing. 

We then went and spent an hour or 2 watching how that school does its training and letting Hayley get used to big dogs whilst working on K's leash reactivity. 

The morning with the pups was well spent and the rest of the day was spent reading and studying whilst both dogs slept the rest of the day away, happily tired after their busy morning.

This morning I then went on a huge personal adventure!!! Tessa had invited me to join her and Linda on a longish ride and I will admit to being insanely scared!!! But, I made it to the ride on time and saddled up for what would be a good but painful ride.

Going out towards the caves, I could feel my legs were stiff and untrained but I pushed through and made it as far as the caves. The next bit was the HP climb tand the drag around and back into the cradle and something just twigged in my legs and brain and I felt the sudden need for a hard effort. I pushed for as long and hard as my legs would go and then even when they were dead, I pushed them a bit more until I got to the downhill turnoff where I waited for the others. I knew I would likely regret it later but it felt so great to open up the engine again after so long!!

We then meandered back towards the cradle loop where the first puncture happened. It sounded like Tessa's wheel had exploded with the sudden escaping of the air!! We pulled off and found a beautiful sidewall gash in her back tyre and she set about mending it with duct tape (for the guys out there who call it duck tape, I have my spelling and what us gals call it right). Fortunately for me, the break came when I needed a bit of a breather. We got on our way again and rode up past Valverde and past Carnivore and Avianto. That bit was draining and not long after Avianto I started thinking that I too had a puncture but figured it was a leg puncture and that I was imagining it. As I was considering asking Tessa to check my back wheel she overtook me and this meant that if I wanted to stick close to either of them, I would need to accelerate. I stood up from my saddle and accelerated and then felt and saw the definite flat wheel. I called out to the gals and Linda and I quickly sorted out my flat which I think was a bit of glass that had gone through my seriously worn out tyres. Once again, the break came at a good time as I was suffering badly!! 

The next bit was hard on my sore legs but I made it in one piece. Sitting at the breakfast spot afterwards I had a sudden and odd feeling of extreme nausea so I excused myself with the excuse of needing the loo. I went down to the bathrooms and cooled my face off which seemed to have helped quite a bit. Back at the table I then gulped down 2 glasses of water before I started feeling ok again. I think the exertion and heat had just hit me and the water, Coke and food helped settle my nausea.

My afternoon was spent watching TV before a nice long, slow walk at the Spruit and Delta with the dogs. The 3 of us are now fed, watered and heading for bed because tomorrow I need to be fresh for the first work day of 2016! 

K now sleeps in his own bed next to mine - it's been a few days of this and is so odd not having a dog in the bed at night!! Fortunately he creeps in at around 2am and sleeps on the pillow next to mine.

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