Thursday, 29 May 2014

5 weeks down the line

5 weeks ago my dad and hero died. His name was Michael Ian Logie and he was amazing. Heard at his memorial what an awesome friend and sibling he was but that was nothing compared to the dad he was!! All the super heroes in the world could combine their super powers and not be nearly as cool as my dad was.

So what happened? In short: he seemed to have known for a few years his heart was dodge and prepared us for his end and in the end malaria started the process and his heart ended it. Not gonna lie but it sucked big time and I now want to kill every mosquito on the planet because despite being a mozzie magnet and being the slackest person with mozzie spray, I have never gotten malaria but the most important member of our family got bitten by that one mosquito. 

The last few weeks have been insane as the stupid public holidays delayed cremation and the death certificate. Then the admin started. And that excludes how my poor mom has been. I am just grateful to the friends and family that have been there for her! 

It's been 5 weeks and for us as a family things are just beginning. A new life begins without the amazing husband, brother and dad that we had. I am just grateful that he was so organized and has made it as easy as possible to part things. Thank you dad. Don't know how I would have remained so "strong" had it not been for your training, notes and planning. You died too young and will be greatly missed. Mom lost her friend and life partner, Gareth lost someone he looked up to and wanted to grow up to become, I lost my mentor and friend. We all lost you. 

As a family we all have our own beliefs but personally: I look forward to greeting you in the resurrection. I look forward to beingg able to say to you that I did as promised and looked after mom.

Many are asking how each of us are coping. Mom is as well as she can be and I do worry. But I am thankful to her friends for helping. Gareth is quiet but protective. I am ok. I am dealing with the admin kinda well even though I see I am becoming more serious and less tolerant of certain things (like my messy house), I am enjoying the decreased appetite and am busy planning a "weekend away" but at my home. The idea is to have an open invite to a daily bring, braai, sew, build, chill and wii. Basically: I am home and if anyone wants to come do stuff, I am chilling. I may even get a Cadac for the occasion and make a real brunch!!

Oh! Big news for the blog: I adopted a new dog. She is dachshund x basenji and is naughty but super adorable!! At 8 months old, I am so glad I only have 14 more months of hell to go. Pretty sure dad would have loved the cuddle queen - K does and he is the ice king! The 2 have bonded as if they were meant for each other but I still make sure I get some KD cuddles so I don't miss out on that.

Anyway, I hope my next posting is about another big adventure but think it may actually be on my next bush adventure. Until then, stay safe and keep exploring.

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