Saturday, 21 December 2013

Reflecting on 2013

Another year down! Can hardly believe that we are on the brink of another new year. This one has been an interesting one. 

If I look at the last 12 odd months, (December last year included) it's been crazy! Last year this time I was super fit (although I thought I was unfit), was preparing for Liege and just generally lived on my bike and little else mattered in my life. Actually, my life was KD, work and bike. And the people In those circles. In December i did the Rapha Festive 500 challenge which was incredible!! Although not a race, riding 500km in 8 days was good fun and at times challenging and is a challenge I would like to do again. 

As the months edged towards Liege, my training intensified but got to a point where I stalled. My body wouldn't give me more. I got meds to boost me but I had peaked and needed rest and I could not give my body rest. I got my first sub 3, I trained hard and had fun but I was suffering badly! Liege soon came and that was one heck of an experience! Looking back, I know why I had no race steam that day but on that day I had fun. I had more fun on that ride than I have ever had on a "race". It is an amazing memory that I will never forget.

After Belgium, my body totally gave in - I had burnt all my matches and every time I tried racing afterwards, I just got worse. I had a goal and I wanted to train for it! I needed to train. But my body needed rest and it was only after my Crater Failure that I think I really accepted reality. It was time to rest. 

I doubt I will ever attain my goal of nationals because I am a bit older, wiser and well, my body isn't going to let me!! 

My priorities in life have changed this year from cycling to other things and well, I have been forced to learn a few lessons that I needed to learn! 

My lessons learnt:
* it is ok to admit you are human and aren't up to the challenge/s you have set yourself
* people want to help you and not allowing them to help is denying them the joy of doing good
* giving up something you treasure to assist a friend is the biggest gift you can give yourself (and is a gift for the other person)
* never give up on things that are important to you and never give excuses as to why you can't have those important things
* friends are often closer than family and may know you better so listen to them
* communicate with people. They want to listen and be heard. You may learn something new from people you have known a long time
* weakness is not a negative 
* find joy in everything you do. That includes work! Find the positive and have a blast. In the words of the CHOC Cows: Love Living Life
* animals know better. Just accept it, your dogs or cats are always right!! 

Upwards and onwards into a new year and with that, this blog is going to have a minor shift in focus starting now. With the exception of Belgium and the bush, this blog has been cycling focused and the focus is going to shift to more of an adventure focus. Yes, there will be cycling adventures but will now include other adventures like geocaching adventures, walking adventures, photography adventures and well, any adventure I can find!! 

Enjoy your holiday if you are going away. If you are not going away, enjoy being at home in a quieter city. 

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