Saturday, 3 August 2013

Change of opinion...

So a year or so ago, I went out riding with some friends and my one friend Delene had this new bike. Delene looked so comfy on her bike - as if the bike was made for her! In fact, I had never seen her so comfy on a bike. She was also riding a heck of a lot better than normal. I didn't really know the brand and was a sceptic, thinking that it was a Fong Kong junk brand.

However, this was the 2nd bike of this brand I had seen... My neighbor also had one. So, naturally the more of these bikes I saw the more curious I got. Especially after seeing Delene so at one with her bike! Late last year / early this year I decided to do some homework into this brand and was surprised to find that Gjost bikes are a major brand in Europe and was not Fong Kong but rather German!

Fortunately for me, I managed to get sponsored by the local distributor and was put on a Ghost Race Lector 20th Anniversary edition road bike. My first ride was amazing!! The bike is so comfortable. I can now climb a lot better and love road cycling even more than I normally do (and I love road cycling a lot)!!

So this week I decided to look at upgrading my mountain bike and went to look at a Ghost. I am a fussy customer because the budget is small, I know what I want and I want value for money. Despite being tempted to go to a 29er, I want the versatility of a dual sus and still want the ability to use my panniers in case I want to tour. The first bike I looked at was cool but it didn't grab me. I was then shown an amazing hard tail 29er! And I was almost sold on this until Jason showed me a women's specific dual sus 26er. Wow!!! I usually think of women's specific bikes as second grade bikes. But this bike looks stunning and is awesome to ride!! I felt it was made for me. I had flashbacks of seeing my friend on her bike.

I now have a Ghost Miss RT5100 in my lounge... I haven't ridden it yet but look forward to the first ride.

I now understand those who ride this brand of bike. These bikes are value for money, top of range amazing machines!! They are perfectly German engineered and look pretty cool as well.

Thank you to Delene, Lisa, Grems, Jason and Fraser for introducing me to this brand and showing me that a bike can look and feel as if it was made just for the rider.

If you are looking for a new bike, look at getting a Ghost. For more info on these bikes contact Ballistic Bike Trading:

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