Saturday, 11 May 2013

United by a common bond

Every day people attach leads to their best friends and take them to their special place. Us humans call it Kingfisher Dog Park, dogs call it play school.

On entering the park, the male dogs check in by a quick sniff of a pole then write their signature on the pole by a quick lift of the leg.

Then its freedom! They run in, greet their friends and play. For us humans we walk up to the mommies (and daddies) of our dog's friends and forget the stresses of the world. Human therapy time as we vent frustrations and happiness. We don't get much exercise but the dogs certainly do. Funny thing is that the humans we walk with end up becoming our closest friends. Fridays are awesome! Fridays we gather up at the top of the park, for a drink and watch the sunset. It is the perfect way to end the week and the only way to welcome in the weekend!!

A perfect example of this bond.... Last year one of our friends left on an adventure into deepest, darkest Africa.We threw 3 farewells for her (2 of which were for Belinda and her dog Peggy). They then headed off into the unknown and we were left with a gaping hole.

Let me back track a bit... A few years ago Belinda was struggling with Peggy and she had Peg on a long lead with a rope attached. Well, needless to say a good few of us got irritated with this stupid rope when we got rope burns on our ankles! We got over it and we became good friends with Belinda and our dogs became friends with Peg.

Sure people have been frustrated with me and my training of K as well! Especially when he went crazy and tried to eat big dogs. He isn't totally over that but he is better.

Back on track... So for a year us gals kept track on Belinda's blog and when she was too quiet, I was tasked with calling her Dad to ask if they had news. We missed our friend.

This week Belinda returned! It's so awesome to have our friend back. Balance has been restored to the park. The reunion was amazing and I sit here thinking how awesome a party we are going to have when both Belinda and Peggy are settled back at home.

Last night at the reunion I realized something: the park is more than just a place I go to to walk KD. It's where I go to refresh my batteries, bond with my dog and spend time with some pretty awesome friends. The park crowd are awesome and we are almost a family.

Whilst I was on holiday, I left my most precious treasure at one of the family. He was loved and adored for a week and apparently he fitted in with them. Think its largely because he knows them well and their dogs are his friends. I was able to enjoy my time in the bush without worry. Little dude lost weight from all the playing but he I can tell he was loved.

So, next time you drive past a dog park and think we are all nuts for walking whilst its snowing or raining or freezing cold, you will understand that we are not nuts.... We are there to recharge and refind ourselves in this crazy world and to bond with our 4-legged adorable children.

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