Friday, 19 April 2013

Flight to Brussels and Day 1

So Andy and i got to the airport insanely early and had a teeny tiny 2 hour wait for the check in to open but, considering the long flight, that wasn't so bad! After getting through passport control, we headed to the Visa Slow Lounge where we had cold drinks and food and relaxed a bit.

The actual flight to Istanbul was uneventful and we both watched plenty of comedies on the inflight tv and got fairly ok sleep. Think I slept for 3 or 4 hours. Only interruption was at about 1 them calling if there was a doctor on board and a few passengers going to back of plane. It obviously wasn't too serious since when we got off in Turkey there were no ambulances etc waiting. The food on the flight was pretty good, dinner was beef stew and brekkies was the standard scrambled eggs.

We arrived in Istanbul just after 4am South African time and we killed 2 hours walking and sitting around before our 3 hour flight. The airport is not that exciting and has the usual plenty of shops and nothing much else. Before long our connecting flight to Brussels was called and we boarded. The flight to Brussels was uneventful with both of us sleeping most of the way except for eating breakfast.

At the airport, I ended up getting a very chatty Flemish Passport Controller who asked plenty questions about South Africa in Flemish!! Yikes, I had to listen carefully. Sad thing was that as friendly as he was, he didn't stamp Bunny's passport.

After disembarking, getting luggage and booking luggage into storage we went hopped on a train and went exploring. We started with the Grande Place which is stunning with its architecture!!!!

Andy then took me to an awesome little shop! Yes, you guessed it: Tin Tin. Spent a bit of money there on gifts. One of which is a pretty awesome gift for someone... Then went and explored the central part of Brussels with its stunning architecture and sights. Rain forced us into a pub at lunchtime where we enjoyed a sandwich and a beer. I picked a beer based on its name - Kwak - and it ended up being so yummy with a cool glass!

After lunch we headed off to explore some more before heading back to the airport. I really should have had my Bryton with today cause we walked mega distance! At the airport we grabbed food and drink at an airport supermarket and had a bite whilst waiting for sports tours. Once they arrived and we were on the bus, we both crashed into sleep for another hour or so. I personally was asleep before leaving Brussels and woke in Liege.

After booking in, we built bikes, hooked up to wifi and got our lives sorted. And now... It's time for some much needed shut eye before race day.

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