Saturday, 30 March 2013

"Its not about the bike" = Not true

So in my last post I mentioned my new bike, well I have now had a bit of time to bond with the bike and its WOW!! So, I thought I would do a bit of a review....

They say that its not about the bike and that its all about the rider and their training. I just learnt something over the last bit since I got the Ghost: thats rubbish!!! Its ALL about the bike.

The Bike:
Ghost Race Lector 20th

First impression:
Stunning sleek lines, awesomely light with paintwork that is simple yet striking.

The Specs:

The important bit - the ride:
1st ride out on it, I was having a bad ride and the bike made it look like a normal ride so I knew there was something special. Every pedal stroke results in direct power and a responsive reaction from the bike. The gearing is a bit of overkill for South African conditions but makes climbing hills WAY too easy!! No jokes, I am not a great climber but suddenly I can climb much more comfortably and find myself climbing more and more in the big chain ring (which puts people off a bit). On the flats, I find I can sprint a touch faster, although I find I have to increase my cadence - which is not a trainsmash cause I am riding faster and using less energy. On the downhills, I am way more comfortable! The longer top tube means I am able to stretch out a bit more which means less pain in my back and neck.

Downhill cornering is smooth and it responds when I apply breaks or turn it into a sharp corner. On uphills it is light and the gearing helps so its stupidly easy on the climbs. On attacks, it jumps when I jump so it is fun to attack friends!

I always knew a carbon bike was nice and made a difference (you dont see Elite racers racing on Aluminium) and over the last few months I have been looking at various options and brands and at every turn I have found them to be over priced and the more affordable ones heavier than my Trek. Then one looks at the Ghost.... Pricewise, I doubt you are going to find a bike with these specs and this light and of course a bike in this price range with such quality workmanship.

I am riding a fair bit better lately and no matter what anyone says, its cause of the bike not because of my fitness!

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