Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Going Somewhere Slowly - The start

If you had money to travel, where would you go? 

Europe, the Americas, Eurasia, Kenya, Botswana, Egypt, Mauritius or some other exotic exciting destination? Or would you explore South Africa?
Message from Diane: 
“In the last 10 years I have been privileged through my studies, work and holidays to see some pretty spectacular parts of our country. Starting with Grahamstown and its rich history, then onto the Lowveld with its abundance of wildlife and interesting human characters, back to the coast to George (the real gem of South Africa and hub to many awesome sights), then off to the Namaqualand where I spent 8 fantastic months in the Springbok area before returning to George and eventually back to Johannesburg – which cannot be written off as it itself has some interesting spots.
Since returning to Johannesburg for work, I have needed to explore and as such have started getting out. Photographic excursions to interesting places which I promise to return to and write more about, as well as cycling tours to really remote yet stunning places (even places close to Johannesburg) have shown me one thing: why go anywhere but SA?
Fortunately for me, I have made friends with fellow adventurers, Tessa and Rob and the 3 of us who have decided that this is a good idea.
With the combined history of what we have seen and done, we have decided to become tourists in SA and to start telling others about the cool places we have found. Join us on this journey where we will find interesting, budget but comfortable and sanitary accommodation, interesting people and amazing sights.”